• Style

    Our designs are the perfect addition to any golfers wardrobe from a weekend warrior to scratch golfers. The best part is our polos are perfect for wearing on the course, or throwing on with a pair of jeans for dinner.

  • Comfort

    It took us quite a while to source what weight material we perferred for our polos. We have mixtures from medium weight to ultra-lightweight. Going forward, all future designs will be ultra lightweight and trust us, its an absolute gamechanger.

  • Family Owned

    ForeFits is a family owned brand and we take the time to quality check every order before it is shipped. Our customer service is very responsive and we work quickly to get answers for any questions you have so you know you are making the right decision buying products from us.

About ForeFits

My buddies back in the day would talk about golf, but it was just one of those things I never paid attention to.

Fast forward to 2021 and I got invited to golf in a corporate event and everything changed. Realizing I was now completely addicted to golf and playing constantly, the fact that I was doing it every day in heavy cotton polos with college football logos on them was not going to cut it.

That spawned the search for a more comfortable experience on the course. We realize we are not the first company on the market to offer moisture wicking or stretch polo shirts, but we sample TONS of shirts to always make sure that what we are providing is the best that is available for the best price we can offer. We will continue to provide more designs and expand as time goes on and we would love if you would join us on this journey.


ForeFits Golf Apparel LLC